About Phil Seaton

Phil Seaton is the creator of the LS Trader system and the LS Forex System. Phil also runs his blog www.PhilSeaton.co.uk where he regularly posts his thoughts on the markets and strategies that can be used to spread bet the world’s financial markets, including stocks, commodities and forex.

Phil’s been trading for well over a decade and has been studying the world’s most successful traders and testing their approaches for many years. In addition, he has gone through one of the most thorough approaches to testing the markets that has ever been undertaken by anyone in order to find out what really works. This has been done by creating computer programs and testing out all of the different trading indicators and parameters to discover which approaches are of value and which can be dismissed.

This testing approach has included testing out all the different indicators that are commonly used by traders and testing them out over all time periods across a wide selection of markets. The research has been carried out over an extensive real market database that goes back over 28 years. Phil has also created and developed some of his own proprietary indicators. This enabled Phil to build trading systems based on the results of this testing and then incorporate and fine tune the successful approaches in to very powerful and profitable trading systems.

Over the years the trading systems that Phil developed have been refined and improved as his knowledge of the markets and trading experience increased, enabling him to include some tricks of the trade that made his systems even more profitable. Phil has concentrated on developing approaches that have stood the test of time and that have been consistently profitable over a long period, increasing the probability that the approaches will continue to be profitable for years to come.

In addition to testing and developing trading systems, Phil has been actively trading the markets, both for his own accounts and for others, and his focus is now primarily on financial spread betting and helping others make money by spread betting financial markets. Phil focuses on financial spread betting due to the tax free benefits, ease of use, and because much less trading capital is required, enabling people with smaller account sizes to begin trading.

After numerous requests from friends and colleagues, Phil began to share his ideas on trading and in particular financial spread betting and this culminated in him launching his first website early in 2007. His original website was TheWinningTrader.com which was highly successful and grew beyond the scope of the original site. A new site, LS Trader, was then launched to help an even greater number of people reach their trading and financial goals.

You can also keep up to date with Phil’s latest thoughts on spread betting financial markets and spread betting systems by regularly visiting his blog at www.PhilSeaton.co.uk and by signing up for his free spread betting newsletter by entering your email address at the top right hand corner of this page.