Financial spread betting update 17th January 2012

This week’s financial spread betting update is now available and can be read by clicking here.

This update is coming to you one day later than normal due to the U.S. markets being closed on Monday due to the Martin Luther King Holiday. Although other world markets were open relatively little usually happens as volume us light until U.S. markets open again.

This held true again this year with little happening yesterday. This morning though has seen stocks open higher and the inverse correlation between stocks and the dollar that we covered in this week’s update is showing up this morning and the dollar is lower. The other part of that inverse correlation is between the dollar and commodities, and a lower dollar usually equals higher commodity prices and we are seeing that again this morning with commodities, particularly gold and crude both higher this morning.

This morning’s rise in stocks has taken the S&P 500 up to test the critical 1300 level, which if cleared, especially during the U.S. session later on today may well lead to a move higher towards the May 2011 highs. This may subsequently lead to new highs for stocks since the March 09 lows but that remains to be seen. Of all the stock indexes that we trade, only the S&P 500 is in a long term uptrend although the Nasdaq 100 is close to giving a change of trend. The Nikkei and Dax are lagging behind so overall the trend for stocks is still down. The trend is also still down for commodities and up for the dollar.

This week’s financial spread betting update begins with: We wrote last week that the way the year has started with both stocks and the dollar rising is unusual and this has continued this week. The dollar index has risen to its highest level in a year and the S&P 500 has also reached a multi-month high. Stocks and the dollar are historically inversely correlated so how much longer both markets continue to rise together for remains to be seen. Probably not very long will be the answer………continue reading by clicking here

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