Financial spread betting update 9th January 2012

This week’s financial spread betting update is now available and can be read by clicking here.

The markets are relatively flat in this morning’s trading and there is little to report. Of interest this week will be the success or failure of stocks, in particular the S&P 500, of breaking resistance levels. For now the trend is still down for stocks.

The dollar may also be of interest having been quite well supported last week, in particular against the Euro which has fallen to 15 month lows. The trend remains up for the dollar and the dollar is still currently in bullish mode. Some sort of move that clarifies short-term direction for stocks and the dollar may happen this week.

As we cover in this week’s update, today marks the fifth trading day of the year which on a historical basis acts as an early warning for the year ahead with quite a high degree of accuracy for a seasonal indicator, which to my mind are not terrible accurate and trading decisions should not be made on these things alone. That said, this first five trading days early warning and the January Barometer on the whole does seem to have more statistical validity than most season indicators so it can be worth paying attention to. The data will be in for the first five days early warning following tonight’s close.

As I have covered elsewhere many times of late I expect this year to be a down year for stocks regardless of the first five trading days results or the January Barometer for a whole number of reasons, but time will tell. The most important thing as ever is to continue to follow the trends and let the markets tell us where they wish to go and not waste time (and usually money) trying to predict the future.

Nobody can predict the future with any accuracy, so the best we can do when trying to predict the future is to form a general idea on what we think may happen and use some form of technical trigger for timing in the direction of our ideas. As the records of the most successfully traders amply demonstrates, technical systems outperform discretionary systems, and trying to predict the future definitely falls into the category of discretion. Very few will be successful with such an approach.

This week’s financial spread betting update begins with:

As we kicked off the new trading year we saw a bullish week for the dollar with moves very much in the direction of the long-term trend and also a continuation of short-term strength in stocks. This is an unusual move as stocks and the dollar are historically inversely correlated. The long-term trend for stocks remain down but if short-term strength continues that may change soon. The trend for commodities is also down but commodities during the first week of the year have been mixed………continue reading by clicking here

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