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The LS Trader system is a medium to long term trend following system that is ideally suited to be used via a financial spread betting platform such as IG Index.

I created this financial spread betting system several years ago and began trading it on my own account in 2002. The results were hugely impressive from back testing and that gave me the confidence to trade it with my own funds. Once real trading began, it was evident that the system performed very well in real trading as well as simulated trading.

Before long the requests came in from family and friends to have access to the system to either enable them to trade the system themselves or have me trade it for them. These accounts all became profitable and at that point I decided I would make a website and give people the chance to copy my exact trades as and when I made them.

This website was launched in January 2007 under the name of The Winning Trader. 2007 and 2008 were both very successful years and towards the end of 2008 it was evident that I could not realistically continue to run the site without any (up to this point I had run the website by myself) help as the subscriber base was growing rapidly. At this point I teamed up with a close friend of mine, Robert Stewart, and we created an updated and improved website, with extra functionality to handle a larger number of subscribers.

In late 2008 we launched the LS Trader and before long the subscriber base was growing rapidly again as word of mouth recommendations spread based on the success of the system. The new website works extremely well with Robert running the site on a day to day basis and dealing with customer support which frees me up to work on the trading side.

2008 was a record year (it was a great year for trend following systems in general as there were some great trends across several markets throughout most of the year). The results for 2008 for the LS Trader at the end of the year were staggering with a gain in 2008 of 1504.1% in 2008 alone.

Now, it should be made clear at this point that 2008’s returns were exceptional and well above average. The system has actually averaged around 165% compound annual growth rate since back testing began in 1983(approximately 26 years). Remember that this is all tax free if used on a financial spread betting platform as spread betting in the UK is currently tax free.

So far in 2009 the results have been fairly flat as many of the trends came to an end in late 2008 but some new trends started to emerge last week and we got in to some nice profitable trades in the stock index markets and currency markets. This week there are 9 new trades so it is an excellent week to get started.

The system comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee so you can sign up for the system and paper trade it if you feel more comfortable doing so to prove the effectiveness of the system before staking real capital.

Once inside the member’s area, we have numerous guides which cover everything from how to open a spread betting account to how to place your first trade online. It’s all covered. We even have an online helpdesk which has a large database of FAQ as well as offering the facility to email us for support should you need it.

So, what’s in store for the markets in 2009? Well, it’s a good question and not one that anyone can answer with any degree of certainty. That’s why we use trend following as the basis for our system as it means that we don’t have to guess or try to figure out what the markets are going to do, we just wait for a trend to develop and then jump on board for the ride, letting our profits run and grow in to large profits.

Whatever happens in 2009 it will no doubt be interesting due to the high level of volatility in the markets at present, but no doubt there will be some big trends along the way. The question is, will you be one of the growing number of LS Trader subscribers in a position to take advantage of these trends when they arrive?

Good luck in your trading

Phil Seaton


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