Financial Spread Betting Update for 1st November

This week’s financial spread betting update is now available and can be read by clicking here.

The week ahead could be an interesting one as there are a whole series of events and data releases due. Tomorrow we have the US mid-term elections and then on Wednesday we have the US Federal Reserve announcing their policy and the expected second round of quantitative easing. Next we have the Bank Of Japan meeting followed by the Bank of England and the European Central bank meetings. Then to round the week off we have the US employment data on Friday!

All I can say is that I’m glad that I don’t trade based on news events and fundamentals as sorting through that lot would be a nightmare. Instead we just follow the trend and let the market and the price be our guide. This is a far more effective strategy than firstly guessing what these announcements will all be and secondly, more importantly, what the market’s reaction to the events will be. The only thing for certain is that it should be an interesting week!

This week’s financial spread betting update begins with:

Stocks remained pretty flat for the week and seem to be waiting for next week’s event with the US mid-term elections on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday the Federal Reserve announces its quantitative easing policies. The dollar index has also been pretty flat ahead of next week’s events…..

Good trading

Phil Seaton

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