Metastock Webinar Tonight – Free Class

Tonight we are doing a free one-hour webinar with Jeffrey Gibby from Thompson Reuters and Metastock. This one-hour class will feature the MetaStock programs system the RMO and starts at 7pm UK time.

You can register for this free class by clicking here

We have made this webinar available for our subscribers and readers because it’s important to have access to good charts and market data and I believe that the charting package from Metastock and Thompson Reuters is the best available, so much so that I use Metastock 11 Pro and Quote Center every day in my own trading.

Regular readers will know that I rarely if ever promote other products or services to our subscribers because quite frankly, most of them are not good enough for us to promote and we don’t want to put our name to something that we don’t use. So, when I do recommend a product, you can be sure that it is for good reason.

As you are aware, I’ve been providing trading services aimed primarily at the financial spread betting markets for nearly 4 years.  I believe in the power of technical analysis over fundamental analysis as my research shows that what is needed to trade a market successfully is contained in the price and the chart pattern. The price contains all the knowledge about each particular market of all market participants at any given time and the chart pattern can indicate the all-important long and short-term trends.

A trader does still need a system to follow and the discipline to stick to it. That’s why a combination of our spread betting systems and Metastock charting software can be very powerful.

For this reason it is of paramount importance that a trader has access to good, reliable market data and a good charting platform to view it from if they are going to make their own trading decisions. For this reason, we have teamed up with Metastock so that you can get special deals on your charts and data and also know that the products are approved of and used by us. Metastock and Thompson Reuters provide numerous packages for this to cater for all different trading styles and different markets.

Now, as you know, it is not necessary to use any charts or data services to follow either the LS Trader system or the LS Forex system as we provide you already with everything you need. However, many of our subscribers trade additional markets to those that we cover and we get asked many times about charting and data packages and which ones we use and recommend. In addition, many of our subscribers like to look at the charts of the markets that we are trading and looking at charts gives an excellent visual representation of what’s going on in the markets.

If you are interested in trading your own choice of markets or want to learn how to read charts or follow along with the trades that we make, we invite you to check out the products and special offers that Metastock has for you.

Good trading

Phil Seaton

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