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The past month has been very good from a trading performance perspective and we are seeing a return to trending markets after many months of volatility and consolidation. In this month’s issue we take a look at the US dollar and the impact that its recent decline has been having on the stock and commodity markets. We also look at the prospect of quantitative easing and the impact that may have over the coming month or so with the anticipation of the second round of easing commencing in November.

As usual we have our market of the month feature, which due to the numerous markets that have made big moves over the past month or so could have been any one of a dozen or so markets. We look at the commodities such as Gold and Silver that have hit new all time or multi year highs as well as looking at the big moves seen in the grains and currency markets.

We also have a look at most of the markets and sectors that we are currently trading, with a look at what may happen next.

Good trading

Phil Seaton

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