Spread betting strategies update for the S&P 500

Today we are bringing you an update on spread betting strategies for the S&P 500. This market has continued to be of great interest to many traders as it is the primary stock market from which the other stock markets take their direction. The only stock index not following the S&P 500 at present is the German Dax, which continues to be in a long term uptrend. That said, a major move down on the S&P 500 will very likely drag the Dax down with it.

In our most recent post on the S&P 500 2 days ago we wrote that the market had held within a range from 1127.5 to 1102 and a break out from that range could give some decent movement in the direction of the breakout. We also mentioned that we had a rising wedge pattern that added weight to an eventual breakout and that we were therefore still favouring short spread betting strategies for a breakout to the downside, especially if the market moved back below the 200 day moving average and the 1100 support area.

We have since got that breakout to the downside with the S&P 500 moving back though the 200 day moving average and through the 1100 support area, making a new low for this move at 1070.50 during yesterday’s trading. This was the lowest level for the S&P 500 in 3 weeks and we still have our next target to the downside at 1050.

What is of great interest in this market is that the major resistance level that we had been writing about for several weeks at 1129 held firm in spite of numerous attempts to break though, all of which failed. This means that 1129 may be a significant high for this market and that we remain in bearish mode as long as the market stays below this level. Because 1129 failed then the market is still making lower highs and this is also bearish.

If the market does fall to 1050 and support there fails then we will be looking for the lows formed on the 6th July on the September contract at 1003. For now we will continue to trade the S&P 500 with the trend and that continues to be to the downside.

Until next time, good trading

Phil Seaton

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