How to spread bet forex with the LS Forex system

The LS Forex spread betting system is now live!

We have built this system based on the same trading principles and spread betting strategies that the LS Trader system is based on but have optimized this system solely for forex.

As with LS Trader, this system is a trend following system with money management rules included. The system came about following the numerous requests that we had received for a forex only system and following 2 years of testing and development we are now live.

There are some differences between the LS Forex system and the LS Trader system. LS Forex trades eight of the currency pairs that we trade at LS Trader, minus the US Dollar index. Both systems have been developed for use with financial spread betting. In these three aspects the systems are both similar and there is some overlap. Trades in LS Forex and LS Trader will always be in the same direction, with the trend.

However, there are some differences with forex and the new system has been optimized just for the forex markets and we therefore get slightly different signals and enter and exit trades at different times as well as entering during the middle of the week, which is something we don’t do with LS Trader as that is a weekly system.

One major advantage that we have with forex is that being so liquid, we can enter trades via stops without having to worry about slippage of getting a bad deal with very wide spread in the middle of the night as we would if this was tried on some commodities.

Inside the LS Forex member’s area is a brand new 82 page manual on forex and how to spread bet forex including information on how to open trades by stop, rather than manually. Because we also enter markets by stop, we include entry levels on the trades sheet and these are updated during the week when necessary as well as at the weekend.

What our research has shown is that a system must trade all markets in the same way, otherwise it is curve fitted and will not perform well in the future. Because of this, LS Trader has been built and optimized over all 43 markets that we trade at LS Trader.

But LS Forex is different. Because we are only trading 8 markets, and all from one sector, we can optimize just on that basis and this means that we have slightly different entry and exit criteria. We also, because we are only trading 8 markets can take a slightly larger trade size, meaning that with the exception of the smallest accounts, all markets can be traded and nearly all trades can be taken without worrying about part closing a trade to get around the minimum bet size.

Because the system is similar and trades mostly the same markets it is imperative to trade it completely independently and to do so through a different spread betting platform, such as ETX Capital if you are already using IG Index. It can of course be traded with virtually any spread betting platform as long as they cover the markets that we trade, and most should.

We’re also offering a 30 day free trial so you can check it out and see if it is for you. We think you’ll see that it’s the easiest way to trade forex.

We hope to see you inside the member’s area soon

Good trading

Phil Seaton


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