Our new forex spread betting system is live!

Over the past few years we have had a number of our subscribers ask us to create a forex spread betting system. Although forex is part of the original LS Trader System, our subscribers wanted a system that was dedicated to and optimised for the forex markets.

I’ve been working on creating this forex system for a couple of years now and completed my research on it at around the end of 2009. Since then we have been trading it ourselves to check that the actual trading results lived up to the promise of the backtesting results, and so far this year things have been very encouraging.

As of now the system is up 56.2%, and being that we have had just over 7 months of the year, we are pretty much on target for 100% this year assuming that things continue in their present fashion. This is especially pleasing considering how volatile other markets have been and the lack of trends that we have seen so far this year across most of the financial markets.

Forex has been one of the best performing sectors this year and we have seen some decent trends already. Earlier in the year we had strength in the US dollar, which led to some good winning trades, especially against the Euro and Swiss Franc. Over the past few weeks we have seen a reversal of fortune for the US dollar and the dollar is now moving lower against most of the majors and we are benefitting from this move lower by trading with the trend.

A huge advantage of forex spread betting is that on the whole the forex markets trend very well. Other advantages include tight spreads from the spread betting companies such as and obviously highly liquid markets.

All in all, combing forex markets with financial spread betting and trend following is a very powerful, profitable and easy to use combination.

Until next time, good trading

Phil Seaton


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