Spread Trading July 2010 Newsletter

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In this month’s issue we take a look at the majority of the 43 markets and the major market sectors that we spread trade at LS Trader, focusing particularly on the major stock indexes, commodity and forex markets as well as the interest rate futures sector which covers short term interest rates all the way through to 30 year bonds.

This month we focus primarily on the stock and forex markets, as that is where much of the action is likely to be over the coming weeks. We look specifically at major support and resistance levels in some of these markets as well as what our LS Trader trend indicators say about the markets and what may happen next.

In each month’s issue we focus on the long term trend and cover some spread trading strategies that can be used in the direction of the long term trends to increase the odds of successful trades.

We also have a market of the month section, which this month focuses on a market that has continued to rise against the odds and looks set to continue higher, especially if further weakness hits the stock markets.

Good trading

Phil Seaton

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