LS Trader Spread Trading Weekly Update

This week’s LS Trader financial spread trading update is now available and can be read by clicking here.

During the past week we saw an initial continuation of the stock market rally followed by failure to move higher at resistance and then a sharp reversal. We look at what may happen next for the S&P 500 focusing as ever on the long term trend and the impact that major moves from the S&P 500 on other markets.

As usual in addition to our stock market focus we look also at commodities, in particular Gold and Crude oil and the key levels to watch out for in both of these markets. We also look at the continuing rally in interest rate futures as traders seek safe haven investments.

On the subject of safe haven investments, the Japanese Yen has rallied to new highs for the year and the Swiss Franc has also risen to its highest level in almost 6 months, whilst the US dollar has continued to slide. Recently the dollar has gained when stocks have fallen and that inverse relationship seems to be abating at present as the US dollar index has fallen to new 10 week lows. This decline has been to the benefit of the Euro, which briefly touched $1.30 last week. We wrap up our forex focus with a look at the British Pound.

This week’s LS Trader financial spread trading update begins with:

The past week saw the recent stock market rally run out of steam and reverse sharply on Friday, which may be a sign of things to come.….

Good trading

Phil Seaton

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