Financial Spread Betting System Update

LS Trader Financial Spread Betting Weekly Update

This week’s financial spread betting update is now available and can be read by clicking here.

In this week’s update we look at the continued weakness that is being seen in the stock markets, especially the Asian markets, which have already had a confirmed long term trend change to down. The other major indexes may follow suit and all eyes will be on the key lows formed on the 5th February.

We also focus on further weakness in the currency markets for the Euro and British Pound, as well as new weakness entering the commodity-based currencies of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. For now, thing are really favouring the US dollar.

Another sector that is doing well is interest rate futures, which continue to rise and we also focus on Gold and Crude Oil and where these markets may be headed next.

This week’s update begins with:

The past week has seen a continuation of the recent high volatility and we continue to see large moves in many markets. The long term trends remain as before.…

Good trading

Phil Seaton


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