Financial Spread Betting Market Update

This week’s financial spread betting update is now available and can be read by clicking here.

In this week’s issue we look at how the major stock indexes shrugged off the Goldman Sachs news and went on to post new highs for the year again, showing that the sell off the previous week was indeed a knee jerk reaction to the news as we had written last week.

We also look at the metals markets and in particular, Gold, which could be on the verge of a move back towards all time highs if a key resistance level can be cleared. In addition we look at the forex markets and the dollar index.

This week’s spread betting update begins with:

The past week has seen the markets recover from the Goldman Sachs induced sell-off and once again seen the major indexes post new highs for the year. So far, the markets have shrugged off all the bad news that has come out of late and continue to move higher…

Good trading

Phil Seaton


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