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Welcome to my new financial spread betting blog .This blog is all about financial spread betting and the spread betting strategies and beliefs that I have discovered over the past decade or so that lead to financial success in the markets.

There are many different styles, methods and systems that traders use in spread betting the markets and my aim on this site is to explain the benefits and pitfalls of many of these methods. There is so much conflicting information and what I would call misinformation in the marketplace on what is required to be a successful trader so my aim is to help you navigate this path successfully and avoid any unnecessary and unprofitable detours!

Over the weeks and months ahead I will post my thoughts on the financial markets and what I think may be on the horizon. It is important at this point to state my belief that the future cannot be predicted as there are simply too many variables and unknowns and the fact that as of now the future does not exist, but by looking at market trends in the markets and certain support and resistance points on the charts, a trader can get a good idea of what may be ahead.

Over the years I have read a vast amount of books that are available on the markets and have specifically made a point of studying successful traders and in doing so look for common denominators that enable these superior trades to step ahead of the crowd and achieve consistent returns in the markets.

Backed with all this information I have vigorously researched and tested virtually every trading system and or indicator and have found what is reliable and what is bogus. I have coded hundreds of different systems and rules and run literally hundreds of thousands of backtests over a long period of market data.

My aim when I started this was to approach the markets with a blank canvas and not take anything on hearsay, but to test it out and find out through experience what works and what does not work. This has enabled me to create an extremely powerful spread betting system which I myself have traded for several years.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from my articles on this blog site and please feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions.

Good luck in your trading

Phil Seaton


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