Financial Spread Betting March Newsletter

This month’s financial spread betting newsletter will be available soon.

The monthly newsletter is free and it covers the markets that we spread bet at LS Trader. We look at the markets as a whole and also look at each different market sector. We also have a market of the month and some comments on it including the chart for that market and look at what may happen next.

We also analyze some of the markets that are moving and look at the key levels to look out for from a perspective of possible targets as well as support and resistance levels. In addition we take a look at the major trends for each market sector and discuss the long term trend for the 3 main market sectors, which are stocks, forex and commodities.

In addition to the monthly newsletter, you will also receive our free weekly update which also covers the major sectors that we trade as well as the levels to keep an eye on in the week ahead. As an added bonus you will also receive 2 of our ebooks, free of charge. The first is “The 7 Rules of Successful Financial Spread betting” and the second is “The 7 Deadly Financial Spread BettingMistakes”. Both of these ebooks will be yours for free as soon as you enter your name and email address at the bottom of the page.

Good trading

Phil Seaton


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