Phil Seaton’s LS Trader Financial Spread Betting System

It’s now around 8.20am on a Monday morning and my financial spread betting for the week is already done! Now all I do is wait for the weekend and can go about my business. I don’t have to worry at all about what the markets do as I know that most of what goes on in the markets on a day to day basis is just noise. My stop losses are in place to protect my trading capital from any losses and also to take me out of my profitable trades if the market reverses.

How is this possible? Well, the financial spread betting system that I created, the LS Trader system, is a medium to long term trend following system which only takes around 15 minutes each week to follow. This means that all we do is open trades up on a Monday morning, add some stop losses and then move the stop losses on trades that we had open from previous weeks.

Sometimes we will get stopped out after a day or two if the market moves against us and other times we could be in trades for several months if some nice trends develop. Last year there were several markets that trended very well and we were in numerous trades for more than 100 trading days (assuming 5 trading days per week, that’s more than 5 months for a single trade!)

To use the LS Trader system, all you do is log in to your account at the LS Trader website (once you have signed up) and go to the trade bet calculator page. On this page there is a full list of all the markets we trade and details of all the trades we are currently in as well as all the trades we are opening this week.

You then go to your spread betting platform, such as IG Index and go to the market that you want to open, check the current market price, enter this figure in to the bet size calculator that we provide. You then enter how much money you have to trade with and the calculator tells you exactly how much to bet per point. It’s so simple. The software also shows you exactly where to put your stop loss.

All in all this is a very simple process which takes on average around 15 minutes per week. This week is a busy week as we have 9 new trades to open, so it actually took me a few minutes longer than normal.

To follow this financial spread betting system you don’t need to know anything about trading or the financial markets and you certainly don’t need to be reading newspapers or watching TV trying to figure out what’s going on in the markets. There are no charts that you have to read or data feeds that you have to subscribe to.

We’ve actually made trading the markets very simple even for the complete novice. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home on your pc in just a few minutes per week. You don’t even need to phone a broker as you can execute all your trades instantly online. Best of all, as what we are doing is trading the markets via financial spread betting all our profits are tax free! Currently spread betting is tax free in the UK.

The bottom line is trend following works. It’s been around for several decades and has always and will always work. It takes all the guess work out of trading as it has simple specific rules to follow which lead to capturing big profitable moves in the markets.

There are numerous top traders who use trend following as their trading strategy to consistently beat the markets. Now, we’re making a very powerful version of this trend following strategy available to you and we’ve done all the work for you. All you have to do is simply copy our trades. How easy is that?

If this sounds like something of interest to you, and after all why would it not be as who does not want to “work” for around 15 minutes a week to produce a tax free income, then simply click here to visit the LS Trader website and sign up.

Good luck in your trading

Phil Seaton


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